Harry Bus Falls July 2014 Edit

Ocean of Summer Wild Flowers.with Samantha My Daughter

Fall of Mushrooms Griffith Indiana Movie

Oak Fest Fireworks movie

Indiana Dunes the Movie

Griffith in the Spring Movie

On the Road to New York the Movie

The Woods Movie


Indiana Dunes Beach 2013 Movie

Summer in Griffith Indiana the Movie

Flowers of Fall Griffith Indiana Movie

Griffith Indiana Hikes i have this year Movie

Griffith Forest Movie

Lone Graves at Arrowhead Lake Orland Park ill

Ducks of the Harry Bus Falls Wroth Ill

Waterfalls Harry "bus" Park

Yankee Woods Hike

Crashing Waves

Pink Sunset Indiana Dunes Beach

Yellow Dasies Every where

Back side of Mount Tom

Crashing Waves

Swampy Lakes of Indiana

Pink and Purple thistles

Pink Cotton Candy Grass

Blue Viper