Dasies late in bloom (heath aster)

Touch me not Seed pods (Jewelweed)

Last Times on my Hill

Last Visit to the Praire.

Sunset Friday 13th 2013

Lots of wildflowers still in bloom late sept

Some of the Very last Time at my Woods :( ..... i love this place

Some of Last Videos ill make here :(

Lots of Goldenrod

Snapping Touch me nots. (Jewelweed) in the rain

Sunset over a Lake in Griffith In. friday the 13th sept 2013

Touch Me Nots (Jewelweed) Seed Pods Snapping

To the lake for the sun to set

Lots of Goldenrod

Last of the Wildflowers

American Pelecinid.Wasp

Wild Purple Thistle

Ambrosia trifida

Polygonum Fallopia