MINT ,Griffith Indiana

Sounds of the Waves

Hiking by the Creek found some dill yey

Cardinal flower, Lobelia family. and a Few Striders

Jesus Bug / Water Striders

Sunset at Indiana Dunes Beach

something dug up the Bee Hive

Purple Tall Grass Phragmites australis

Wild Giant Sunflowers


Resting on the Hill

NO Shoes Needed to Hike these Sandy Trails

Hiking in the Woods at Indiana Dunes State Park

Lots of White Flys fling around

Hard Rain trapped in woods

Swarms of Dragonfly's

Horsemint the Great Attractor for pollinating insects

Swarms of Dragonflys (part 2) HD

The super invasive Purple Loose-strife

20 Foot Stinging Nettle