Hiking in the Dark Blue of Winter ,Griffith Indiana

Loving the Snow today.

Enjoying the Snow

Snow Falling Down

Quite Snow Falling

Falling Snow on a Barn

Falling Snow

Falling Snow

Todays Sunset ,Griffith Indiana

Close up of some fluffy snow ,Griffith Indiana in HD

the lake in Winter ,Griffith Indiana HD

Sunset me and Daughter savanah ,Griffith Indiana

Its a Real WInter Wounderland ,Griffith Indiana HD

Snowfall on the trees ,Griffith Indiana

Never Ending Snow fall ,Griffith Indiana

The Blizzard Starts now ,Griffith Indiana HD

Last of the Snow ,Griffith Indiana

Last of the Snow ,Griffith Indiana

the Frosted Frost ,Griffith Indiana HD

Let the snow fall on my face ,Griffith Indiana HD

Snow falling ,Griffith Indiana HD

Hiking in April ,Griffith Indiana

Cicada Hike ,Griffith Indiana

Purple Afican Voilets ,Griffith Indiana

1st Flowers of Spring ,Griffith Indiana HD

at the Lake visiting ,Griffith Indiana

Best hiking days are cloudy ,Griffith Indiana

Checking for wild flowers in spring ,Griffith Indiana

Wild Flowers of Spring ,Griffith Indiana HD

Tree Blossoms ,Griffith Indiana

Flowering Trees of ,Griffith Indiana

Blood Reds of Fall

Yellows of Fall

just having some fun :)


White Hairy Caterpiller

Wooden Brain