Very Quite at a Meadow in ,Griffith Indiana

Very Quite at a Meadow in ,Griffith Indiana

Bunch of Blue Daises Late Purple Aster

Fall is Here

Colors of Fall



Blue wildflower Chicory - Cichorium intybus

Bleached Sunflower

Blue Dasies

Very Pretty Yellow Wildflowers Helianthus decapetalus - Thinleaf Sunflower, Ten-petal Sunflower, Forest Sunflower, Pale Sunflower.

Meadow of Wild Daisies Griffith IN

Rain Hiking threw Sticky things in Griffith IN

Raining in the woods just a short hike Griffith IN

Wild Tomatoes Solanum carolinense - Carolina Horse Nettle, Bull Nettle, Devil's Tomato