Queen Anne Closed Daucus carota - Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Carrot.

Daucus carota - Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Carrot. 

Daucus carota - Queen Anne's Lace, Wild Carrot. While the root of Queen Anne's Lace is edible, use caution! This plant, as with all members of the carrot family, looks quite similar to poison hemlock (Conium maculatum), the deadly plant believed to be the source of the poison that killed Socrates. 

From the website "Plantllife": There are several stories as to why the wild version is named 'Queen Anne's lace'. Most revolve around King James I's consort - the Queen Anne in question - who is said to have pricked her finger and stained some lace with a drop of blood. Wild carrot's single red flower surrounded by frothy white blossom is quite evocative of this tale.

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